Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ella Boo Bear

I know it's been awhile since posting....busy, but really don't know with what! Now for Ella's story.

Ella came to us October 2003. We got an email from Marla G. (Cardiridge Kennels) telling us to go look at the puppy pics on her website, she thought she had a puppy that would fit in with Fannie and Higgins. Now, we weren't planning on a getting a puppy, but had tossed the idea around jokingly. One look at the picture and it was basically a given that she was to come home to us!

Ella is what is known as a mismark in the Cardigan world. She has too much white on her face and also a white spot on her side. So, she is considered pet quality, not show quality. But if she hadn't been a mismark, she would have been a killer personality in the show ring!

From the time we drove out of Marla's driveway, we knew she was meant to be. She wanted to be in the back with the rest of the pack, not on my lap! We were concerned about her and Fannie getting along. Usually multiple corgi males get along better than multiple corgi females. Fannie took Ella under her wing and made her the princess to her Highness. :)

Ella is so laid back and happy. Always a smile on her face. She has definitely been the one dog that hasn't given us any trouble at all. (knock on wood, I hope I am not jinxing this!) We did find out that she has a compressed disc area in her back, so no agility training for her. Well, she does like to run thru the kiddie tunnels we have here at the house. So we decided that she might like therapy work.

We got her TDI certified, but couldn't find a place to visit that worked out. So, then we tested with Pet Therapy of the Ozarks. She passed (thank doG I had the flu two weeks prior to chill me out some!) the test and we have started doing therapy work. One of our visits is Cox Peds. She loves to visit with just about anyone. I think once we get settled into a good routine and get a groove going, she will do awesome. I did buy her an "Elmer Fudd" hat to wear on her last therapy visit. She loves the hat and it was fun to see the looks on peoples faces. We recently acquired (on clearance!) a trout fishing vest/hat combo. She loves the thing. See the pic! Let me tell you, it's hard to fit a corgi in pet attire. They are on the stocky side, but also short.

We are hoping to maybe do some Rally training when we get some time. She loves to work and is happy when she is doing it. Her favorite spot is on the back of the love seat under the front window, so that she may survey all that goes on out front. She is also happy digging when we leave the soft dirt area open.

Here's video of "The Dig". This is her favorite area to dig in. We just fill it back in and let her dig it back out. The video is a little on the long side, but the look on her face toward the end makes it work watching for us!

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy the pictures and I will update again soon!

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