Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Jetson!

We decided that 3 corgis weren't enough, let's go for 4!! We waited for Jetson for quite awhile. The most important thing was for the new puppy to meld with the household, but we also really wanted a blue merle. If the right puppy had came along that was a different color, the color wouldn't have mattered, but luckily the stars aligned and Jetson was born on April 26th.

Jetson is also from Cardiridge Kennels. We held our breath until we were told that he was ours for sure! The litter was nicknamed "The Big 9" by Diana and Mac from Fernbriar Cardigans in Minnesota. They raised the litter for Marla and did a great job! They had to hand raise the puppies, as momma's milk wasn't good. So they had their hands full with nine puppies!

His offical name is Cardiridge Outta This World. Jetson comes from The Jetson's cartoon!

When Diana first sent us the pics of Jetson after we found out he was going to be ours we noticed something about him that seemed a little different. mmmm....he had the most beautiful coat...mmmm....that could mean only one thing...FLUFFY!!! No, we did not set out for a fluffy and we weren't quite sure what to think when Diana said "I hope you like lots of hair!" LOL We said "No problem, we have a Dyson!" A fluffy coat (long, plush, soft) in cardigans is a automatic disqualification for the show ring. And Jetson not only had a fluffy coat, but a short tail to boot!!! It isn't real short, but more like a half tail compared to a regular cardigan tail. But he does have great bone structure!

We finally got the transport figured out and thanks to Nancy and Maddie, who met Diana and Mac 1/2 way in Iowa, Jetson made it to Nancy and Maddie's house in Lawrence, KS where we picked him up.

The next day a bunch of people came over to meet the little one. Our agility instructors, friends, and co-workers. We took him places on a limited basis, because parvovirus was very bad at that time.

He has been quite the challenge compared to the other 3. All the others house trained quickly, within a week. Well, at 5 months I was wondering if we were ever going to get him trained! BUT, I was part of the problem, after further inspection. I was constantly carrying him outside to potty, which was confusing him. Once we figured that out, the house training became easier.

And bark....goodness, he has a voice and knows how to use it. In many different ways too! We grumble, howl, bark, purr, bark, etc. The barking has gotten better, which is good. I just think he will always be a talker!

He is funny to watch, especially with the hair. It is like he has stuck his paw in a light socket. It gets wavy like an Old English Sheepdog almost. And when he has a bath, he looks so tiny wet. He is all hair! The hair gets comments everywhere we go, so lots of explaining that his coat isn't correct and there is a fluffy gene that appears from time to time in cardigans. For Halloween, we thought it appropriate for him to be the "Bad Wolf" and the other three dress as the "Pigs"! There is a video of that on Youtube.

We have started agility on a puppy scale. With no jumping anything, but maybe 4 inches occasionally, tunnels, low A-Frame, low dogwalk, and following my lead (flatwork). We did do the dogwalk at full height this weekend and off leash. I tried not to freak too bad! This is the first dog that I have trained in agility. Carleen handles Higgins, but I wanted to handle Jetson!

Jetson also loves water. The more water the better. This summer should be interesting, as it will be his first full Missouri summer with the humidity. I have a feeling the kiddie pool will be in use frequently.

Just recently he chewed the door frame that has made it thru the three others without teethmarks! It's not bad and can be repaired easily, we just chalk it up to another Jetson experience!

As I said, we are doing some agility, working on basic obedience, maybe some rally in the future, and therapy work.

Right now, it's more about being a puppy. This one is definitely teaching ME about patience and just enjoying the moments!

Here is a video of him doing weaves this past Saturday. They are very far apart (you can't tell in the video), so that he doesn't hurt his spine since he is so young.

The chute tunnel picture was celebrating his first birthday! The tiny puppy picture was the first night we had him at home. He was so tiny!

We definitely think FOUR IS ENOUGH! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday!!

Fannie turned 15 today!! She got to go to work for a little while and hang out for snack day. Then she spent most of the rest of the day resting. It's hard for a 15 year old to have to do that much!

Here are a few of our favorite pics of her!! Sing her Happy Birthday!
p.s. Fannie adds that no self-respecting corgi would dress like this, but she like to indulge her mom at times!

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