Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you think he was bored?????

These pics were taken on Tues. night while at the Nationals. We had a full day of doggie goings on and we were just hanging out watch the Megan. This is a special event that only happens at Nationals. The cardis are broken into their different color groups and then the best from each color goes on to compete for Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It's kind of like the Westminster for the Cardi world is the way i look at it! The handlers get pretty dressed up, more than at just a basic show. As you can tell, Charlie goes all out....word has it that this is a new kilt this year. I do have this pic as my desktop at work, it makes me smile! He looks quite dapper if you ask me. :)

Well, Higgins had a lot more down time than he thought he was going to have. Since Ella was the only one of the group to compete at Nationals, Higgins was a little on the disgusted and bored side. By Tues. night, he was showing us exactly how he felt about things. He wanted his OWN chair, and as you can see, the expression on his face tells his side of the story!

Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nationals Rally Novice A

Ok, I am REALLY behind on posting, but I am at a point where I think I need a break from everything that I think I "have" to do. I guess I just need some me time...or maybe just have the "I am bored with everything I am doing" syndrome! It's not that I am not excited about things, etc....but I think I am just on burn out right now. I have really gotten started scrapbooking and my mind is constantly thinking about that...I guess I am needing to "be creative" again. I used to crossstitch all the time and that basically came to a halt when Higgins came along at a puppy over 6 years ago...needles, floss, and beads do not mix well with puppies!

Here is our trial experience story at Nationals, enjoy! Yeah, I know in the pic, Ella is the only dog that is NOT paying attention to her owner! LOL LOL I will have more pics later of the boys...they were really confused that the trip was about Ella getting to do something, not them!

On Monday
, I took Ella in the ring for Rally Novice A. Our very first time ever in an AKC event. I had about 5 squirts of Rescue Remedy in me and I am not sure that they ever took effect! I was completely and utterly terrified beyond belief. And we had to wait a really long time to go in the ring, which didn't help.

Well, in we went and off we went. First of all, one word...astroturf! Ella was like what the heck is this stuff, I am a princess and this is hurting my feet! We started out and got to about the fifth sign, at this point I was thinking of excusing myself and Ella from the ring. In my mind there was NO WAY we were going to get thru the course, let alone qualify. So the little leprechaun in my head talked me out of leaving, thank goodness! We made it thru and as soon as I got out of the ring, I gave Ella to Carleen to hold and off to the bathroom I went.

YES, I will admit I was in tears! I think it was mostly just all the stress buildup and then the relief of getting out of the ring. I came back out and made up with Ella, because she couldn't figure out what was going on. **This is a mistake I will NEVER make again, I know it's MY FAULT what happens in the ring, not hers!**

When they finished the class they were calling out numbers (scores were not posted on Monday, someone had forgotten the boards!), I really wasn't paying attention. Carleen said..."They called your number" I was like WHAT??? So, I went back in the ring, not knowing for sure what that meant.

Low and behold we QUALIFIED!!!!! We got an 82 (not bad, considering I thought about leaving!) and took second! Our first leg! The girl that was first finished her title with that run and her score was an 88!! Whoo hoo, we did GREAT!

Tuesday, well...lets just say I forgot the Rescue Remedy because I was busy visiting and got a little nervous because Ella's breeder was watching. I BLEW by a sign and had no idea until the judge told me when I finished the course. WAHHH, but I wasn't even that upset, because Ella did great and she and I were HAPPY during the run. And up until that sign, we only had 4 points off and we only had 4 signs to we probably would have scored higher.

Our plan is to try to finish our title here in Spfld. at our club trial. Hey, I will have 3 tries!

So, my motto is NEVER EXCUSE YOURSELF FROM THE RING! Unless the judge tells you to leave!

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