Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Past Halloweens

Well, yeah, I know the blog has been neglected. I
just haven't been up to the task and work has been crazy. And agility and rally, etc.

Took Ella thru a rally class. She did really well, better than I thought we could do. She is so happy when she is showing off, it's just fun to watch. Good thing class is over though, Mom here used hotdogs and cheese as treats and she gained a couple lbs! Green bean diet is in full swing.

Jetson is still doing the agility thing and is having great fun. He has LOTS of fun when he decides to run amuck (or as corgi people like to call it FRAP, which is Frantic Random Acts of Play) during class. Last week, he and Abby, a lab, tore around the field for what seemed FOREVER for me, but was probably a couple of minutes. He can do the A-Frame at full height now, but looks like a caterpillar with all the hair and the way he slinks down the other side. I am hoping to get Car to get some video of it soon, before he stops doing it that way!

Higgins has just been hanging out being the senior of the household. Everyone is trying to figure out pack order since Fannie is gone now. Higgins is just holding his own. We have to remind him that he is safe and nothing is going to happen to him. Car, I think, is going to enter him in the NADAC trial here this month at least in the tunnelers courses, maybe a couple of other things. He CAN do weaves without guides, when he chooses to, so he has made lots of progress in that area.

I thought I would share a few past Halloween pics, since that was Fannie's favorite holiday. We would dress her up and then she would wait for the doorbell and go greet everyone. She knew when mom came home and put some ridiculous costume on her that the door was going to be her hangout for the evening. She was quite the sport.

Alright off to play on Facebook........

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