Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a Tuesday....

Well, it's Tuesday and I am trying to recover from a fun filled weekend. I had a great time for my bday and thanks for all the bday wishes.

Sunday we had a pet therapy workshop for new members. Luckily we took all the cardis, since we ended up being short a dog for the "meet and greet" station. Higgins usually works these, but this was Ella's first time. She did great...except when the corgi came thru! Our station evaluator laughed and commented that "Ella knew that was one of her kind!" and she behaved with every other dog after that! The Pem was a cutie and reminded me of how much we miss Fannie.

Last night was Rally class. We did pretty good...well, I need some work. I know the signs pretty well, but I have trouble getting my commands out fast enough. Something I need to work on and I know this. And I give Ella hand/finger signals and I need to keep my hand closer into me. I eventually have it to far out and Ella follows like she is supposed to, but it is also too far out.

I am working on ideas for the door banner for Nationals.....So far I know of 3 people that are making one, please join in, I think it will be great fun.
There are dishes calling and I need to get them done. Here is one of my fav. pics of Higgins. Car took and and you can just tell he is a fun dog!

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Carina Gardner said...

I know what you mean by recovering from the weekend lol!

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