Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Couch, Bathtime and Bored!

Well, today the new couch and loveseat came. Looks like we are going to have to get (or make) a ramp/step up for Miss Ella boo. The furniture is taller than we remember! And since we do try to limit her jumping, this is going to be a priority. Higgins has taken over the main couch....I think he likes it! Jetson, well, he just has springs in his legs and likes to bounce off them!

Everyone got a bath today and at least we smell and look better. Especially since we are going to be hanging out at the pet therapy workshop while the humans are helping! Well, Higgins gets to work doing a station, but Ella and Jetson will just hang out in a crate with me at the table!

Since this post was about Ella at the beginning, I thought I would throw in one of my favorite pics of her. She LOVES to dig...just in certain areas. Ok, so I just realized that I have posted this pic before, but I scrapbooked it up some, so I am using it again! Plus it's in the older if I had not of said anything, no one probably would have noticed.

Whhheeee....on vacation tomorrow and I think we are going to IHop for breakfast. It's the big 40 for me tomorrow, so I didn't want to work!


penni said...

Have a wonderful birthday -- IHOP is just the place to start.

coopercreek said...

Happy Birthday Katrina!!!! Enjoy the day and the weekend. Are you going to go buy yourself something pink?

Nikki (online name: scrapyak) said...

First of all..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And're doing great on the scrapbooking!! Have i created a monster????????hehehe

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