Tuesday, January 29, 2008


To get this started I thought I would do a post about each dog. Fannie is the dog that got this whole corgi thing started. I decided that I wanted a corgi and didn't know a thing about (PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE DECIDING ON A BREED!!!!) them, just that they had big ears, no tail, and a goofy smile. She has been a challenge from week 1, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. Anyone who knows corgis, knows not to teach them to bark, especially for food. You guessed it, that was the first thing I taught her and she still does it reliably come breakfast and dinner. And she has taught Jetson to do it also! :)

About a week after she came home with us, she was diagnosed with Parvo. Nasty stuff and at the time the survival rate was not good. Thanks to Dr. Blackburn at All Creatures Pet Hospital she came thru and never looked back. Although, she did chew the feet off of a squeaky toy that was supposed to be a vet!

She has only been to one obedience class and that was when she was about 11yrs. old. So she isn't a performance dog, but she is Queen of the house. She is always around where you are and we made sure to socialize her well. She is well mannered when out in public and loves attention from strangers. She probably would have made a good therapy dog, but we just didn't know about stuff like that back then.

She has helped raise the Cardis in the house now and has her bluff in on them. She can be grumpy, but mostly she just sleeps and watches everything now.

I could go on and on about her, but I will stop here. It's hard to believe this corgi thing started with her and that she will be 15yrs. soon. She has slowed down a lot, but the spark and spunk that make her Fanniegirl are still there.


Nicki said...

If Dr. B hears about this post his will be even bigger than usual!

chezsmom said...

Sure that would be great! If I can figure it out can I link to yours? It looks great by the way!

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