Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, here is the Corgis 4 blog. We are just getting the hang of this blog thing, so you will have to bear with us for awhile. Here is a pic, so you will know what we look like! :)

We have four corgis. Fannie, a sable Pembroke, who will be 15 in April. Then there are the three Cardigans. Higgins, a blue merle who is 5 yrs and came from CWCCA( Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America) Rescue. Ella, a brindle and white mismark who is 4.5 yrs and Jetson, a blue merle who is 9 months old. Ella and Jetson are both from Cardiridge.

This blog is about them, so we hope we don't bore you too much. They are pretty fun to watch and it should be interesting with a puppy in the mix.

Stay tuned for more from us. :)


Nicki said...

Very cute and colorful! However, (and maybe it's just my computer) the font is very small.

Kat/Car said...

I will try to fix it!!


Orchid said...

Loved the video...thanks for sharing.

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