Friday, February 6, 2009

computer virus attacks......

Computers and I just aren't getting along here lately. Christmas night, we starting getting strange pop ups...(no...not the porn sites!) So, I rushed the computer to ServiceWorld the next day. (If you have computer problems, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!! love them!)

79.00 later......They had found some spyware, removed it and called it good. And it seemed great. We aren't sure where the darn stuff came from...but I was surfing/playing on Facebook at the time.

Forward ahead a couple of weeks to a day at work. I asked my boss if I could get some more RAM on my computer, because I have now become the "art design dept" at my office for our stores. I was trying to work with Photoshop Elements and just needed some more umph in the memory area. So we called the tech and he came to put more memory on it. My computer died and wouldn't reboot. Harddrive was still ok, just the processor croaked.....So YEAH!!! I got a new computer that is a lot faster, more memory and it works great! (more on why I am so excited about this later!)

Then Monday night, I am surfing around and talking on the phone at the same time. I thought I had tried to close the browser and got the "do you want to close all tabs" message....I hit cancel...and poof. Browser shut down, computer rebooted and I knew we were in trouble. Ran Norton scan immediately, it didn't find anything (although it looked a little weird)...but we kept getting a popup that looked like a really fake Windows screen, so I knew better than to click on it. And our browser kept trying to get my to "register" my security software. Yeah, like I am going to fall for that...although, I am pretty savvy when it comes to computers, someone else might see it and think they needed too.

Off to ServiceWorld first thing the next morning. We finally got the computer back yesterday. There were 2 viruses found. They removed them and recommended a different virus protection, because Norton uses up a lot of system resources to run. Apparrently, viruses are running ramptant right now, so be careful surfing out there!

So we are now running Kaspersky and it seems to be working really well. The virus we had gotten was "trojan.vundo" or something like a stinker to get rid of. I looked it up and from what I understood it can (among other things) basically disable Norton, which sucked for us!

We did a clean backup before hooking the internet back up, so we have the pics and documents clean and safe.

As I am sitting here, we have already had something blocked from intruding, so I am thinking we are safe for the moment. I am not sure where we got the virus from....but I deleted my facebook acct....since we didn't seem to have any problems before that....I do miss my Packrat game though.


penni said...

I've been running Kaspersky for two years and like the program. The only issue I had was that there were some pages to which I was denied access. Went into settings and the "parental control" was checked -- so any page that said bitch was off limits. That didn't work for me!

I'm glad you're all cleaned up and safely back in the blog world.

C-Myste said...

We've had a couple of friends and clients who have had that virus. It's an especially difficult one to get rid of.

And yes, it has come from facebook.

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