Friday, February 13, 2009

Idea for Nationals....

Ok, here's an idea for Nationals...that was spurred by Penni and my boss.

On Disney cruises..people that are "parts" of groups make little hanger type things for their doors on the ship. What about all us bloggers making little "blog" identifiers for our rooms???

If this is a good idea or a bad idea, please email me or leave a comment! It came to me out of nowhere after Penni had sent me an email.

Yeah...and I am trying to find something else to scrap obviously! Thinking of creating another blog about scrapping possibly!

slobbers, k


C-Myste said...

I think it's a *wonderful* idea.

Of course, Penni and I are roomies so we'll have to have two hangers on our room. Or one big double-part one.

coopercreek said...

Cool idea!!! I'll pick one of those door hanging thingy's up at Walmart and work on mine while I'm layed up the next six weeks. I can make a couple of extras too in case others need one.

dreameyce said...

Now what if, JUST to be a smartbutt I *did* wear a door hanger around my neck ;) heehee

I'm thinking about vending at the show, but the vendor chairman has not gotten back to me at all. No vending info is online, so I have to be able to talk to her to get that info.

Even if I'm not able to vend, or decide not to vend, I'll still bring some of my pieces with me for sale :)

penni said...

I'm working on a "double hanger" for our room -- will ship a draft off to my roomy soon! Or show it to her when the C-Mystery Element pulls into my driveway in less than two weeks!

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