Monday, February 9, 2009

New look...

Ok, so I am trying out a new look...I think it's a little much at the moment, but I am tired and ready to go to bed.

I found a site that tells me how to change the background and/or make one. Since I have Photoshop at home now, I am going to try it soon! I am a Photoshop freak, since I have to use it at work (and they paid for me to take a couple of classes, so that I would be able to do more!)

We took the pups to Rally class tonight. It went pretty good. Jetson is very sound sensitive...he was doing great until the door "banged" as someone came in and all focus was lost and he was a little chicken. These are things we are just going to have to work thru...I guess I need to cook and bang around in the kitchen more....yeah...those of you that know me! HA HA HA!

The dogs are definitely getting a bath sometime this week after the rain. Jetson's new name is PigPen...he smells like a dead fish! Higgins underneath is not white, more of a smudgy brown color. Ella seems to be doing pretty good...but she is the princess and doesn't really like to stay out side in the cold/wet/rain/mud stuff.

Off to finish my book. I have started a series by Laurien Berenson, The Melanie Travis Mysteries. They are quick little paperbacks that are fun to read, you don't have to think and involves the dog world. The main character shows Standard Poodles! So far I have read two of them, and not in order. :) They are relaxing at the end of a day.



Anonymous said...

I love the Meliane Travis mysteries, they are fun and light and a good distractions and of course they feature my favorite subject :-) enjoy

Nicki said...

I think you can buy CDs of "trial sounds" to help desensitize your dog at home. Have fun bathing! I feel your pain.

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